Question: Are these legal or can be registered?

Service Ontario is the ONLY source for legally used and registered Custom Plates and it costs $310 + tax and with 4 weeks mailing time. If that is your intention, please visit Service Ontario website to order.

Our custom plates are similar design and for Gift/Novelty/Souvenir/Show Purposes only. For all creative uses, please see our About Custom Plates section.

Question: Do I have to pickup or do you ship or deliver?

Our Plates are custom designed and available locally for pickup within Toronto (Milton and Mississauga) and can be shipped/delivered at buyer’s expense

GTA delivery: $5-$12 (depending on address)

Local/7 dayShipping : $5
Tracked & Expedited shipping Canada wide: $12-$18


Question: What sizes can be made?

We carry 4 sizes currently

Car size 6x12 inches
Motorcycle/ATV size 4x7 inches
Bicycle/You car size 3x6 inches
Keychain size
(European Size) -Only for Bulk Orders


Question: Do you offer any discounts?

We run promotions time to time. Please inquire directly for this. Often 3+ plates can earn you a discount.


Question: What changes can we make on the plate?

Our Canadian province and US state plate templates are fixed. Only thing customizable is the middle text as seen throughout website. However, we can work with you to change background color or font color , please inquire for this. We don't add extra logos or images as they take up too much designer time.. However, for special cases we can consider it if you send us image in high quality.


Question: What material is the plate & build quality?

The plates are 100% Aluminum Metal just like real plates but 3D digital print (not embossed). They last anywhere from 1-2 years or more depending on how it's utilized. With extreme conditions, worst case scenario is fading of font slightly after an year.


Question: Can I replace my existing plate that's on my car if it's peeling or bubbling?

Yes. With proof of ownership to confirm you are the owner and need it as replacement purpose only, we can make you a replica plate with same plate number.. However, you must keep your original plate inside car or trunk at all times


Do you offer rush shipping?

We can offer a rush order with a 1 week timeline for a fixed $10 additional cost. (This does not include shipping or delivery)


What is standard wait time for custom orders for individuals?

Individual custom orders happen once or twice a month typically. Depending on when you order , you will be waiting anywhere from 1-3 weeks before plate(s) are available


What is wait time for business or commerical orders?

We offer custom plates weekly. Just let us know how many needed and if there is a timeline for business/commercial orders for you.