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Full Colour Printed Aluminum License Plates or Signs (non beveled)

We carry a large stock quantity of aluminum license plates or signs (max 8"x12"), images on the license plate which can be custom made with your company logo or name, any digital picture.

We use both 4 colour press for intense graphic images, available in standard white background or *NEW*** Blue Limited Time Ontario Plate Styles. All orders are otherwise made with standard white.  We carry a large selection of alternative novelty plates as well we have the largest collection of flag license plates in stock over 350 different flags including all of our provinces and territories flags, as well as all US state flags.

All products have a clear glossy finish which is also your sealant, protects the ink we use from the harsh Canadian weather and the ink we use is UV coating ink and prevents fading caused by the UV rays of the sun.

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Aluminum Plate (Any size bicycle plates 3"x6", motorcycle plates 4"x7", auto plates 6"x12" 


What we do?

We provide solutions for Novelty, Souvenir, Gift License Plates & Sign Manufacture.

Located within Greater Toronto area- clients wishing to pick up the custom plate of their choice can do so without any shipping charges.

We specialize in the custom design of personalized novelty license plates. Our partnership allows you to Create Your Own auto tags by simply submitting your personalized message or digital image. Nene Solutions offers you our products as unique gifts or as a fantastic collectable for your own vehicle, small commercial vehicle identification, garage, office, or game room.


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DISCLAIMER: Service Ontario is the ONLY source for legally used and registered Custom Plates and it costs $310 + tax and with 4 weeks mailing time. If that is your intention, please visit Service Ontario website to order.

Our custom plates are similar design and for Gift/Novelty/Souvenir/Show Purposes only. Our Plates are custom designed and available locally for pickup within Milton/Mississauga and can also be shipped or delivered at buyer's expense ranging from $5 to $15


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